Julep Mystery Box

I know it’s been some time since I last posted but that’s all about to change. Yesterday afternoon I received my Julep Maven Mystery Box! Not sure what that is, well, it’s the best thing a polish lover could ask for!

The way it works, you pay $19 for a box filled with at least $60 worth of goodies.  You have no idea what’s in it until it arrives at your door.

Drum Roll Please…

Julep Maven

Julep Maven Mystery Box

Mine was filled with 8 Polishes, cuticle oil, nail strengthening oil (I think this might be my new favorite thing), silver nail decorations, hair spray, nail appliques, and Lip Gloss! I almost passed out when I opened my mystery box last night. I didn’t expect all of that.

Here are a few color swatches I did from my mystery box.

First up I have Julep’s Demi.

Julep's Demi

Juelp's Demi up close

Julep’s Demi is a deep creamy red that is absolutely perfect for Valentines Day.  If you’ve been looking for a classic red polish this is the one for you.

Next up I have Julep’s Helena.

Julep's Helena

Julep's Helena

Helena is a beautiful deep fuchsia color that has a cream finish.  I am very pale and this color looks great on.  It think it would look equally as great on someone with a tan.

I will be posting more pictures soon of the other great colors I received in my Julep Maven Mystery Box so make sure you check back soon.

One thought on “Julep Mystery Box

  1. I got helena in my intro box! I love it so much! I hated ever color in my mystery box for st.paddy’s day :( but helena and melissa made up for it..lmao!

    demi is beautiful! I’m all about berries!!


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